New Fancy Decor Chair

With the introduction of new items and structures, we decided to add New Fancy Decor Char and more to come. Inspire from the Steampunk Victorian age. we decided to include with with this next upcoming update. We will be adding more chairs and tables as well as lighting and more statues with the next upcoming patch after. below you will find our steampunk fancy chair and the imagine of the chair it was inspired by.

New Fancy Decor Chair

From the curves to the leather pin cushions and the fine details and the leather. We took our time making sure every detail on this chair was noticeable.

This Chair adds a almost needed decor that the mod was lacking and will be the direction and style most of the upcoming decor will have. Hope to have more item soon and hope to show how the mod develops into a dream come true!

New Ark Steampunk Crop Plot

   New Ark Steampunk Crop Plot

With the introduction of Ark Steampunk Mod becoming an Official Sponsored Mod we have decided to work on a multi-growing crop plot. This crop plot was model by B.Cheers which also apart of the sponsored mod program and will be modelling all the new items in the mod.

New Ark Steampunk Crop PlotNew Ark Steampunk Crop Plot

The New Ark Steampunk Crop Plot will give u the ability to grow multiple plants at once as well as will give you green house effect which will produce them at a high right. And if you think we didn’t think of it they will also be refrigerated inside the crop plot and power by steam, which is produced by water. So expect new items here on our website weekly!
New Ark Steampunk Crop Plot

Ark Steampunk Mod Sponsored!Ark Steampunk Mod Sponsored

With the newly announced Ark Steampunk Mod Sponsored which has been chosen from over hundred on the steam workshop. More information about program and a list of other sponsored mods can be found on PC Gamer Website which got a early exclusive interview with Ark’s lead designer, lead programmer, and co-creative director Jeremy Stieglitz. Where he stated why they were starting this program and what the program intended to do and the future of modding.

I personally can’t wait to start this new journey and begin to explain my steampunk mod into something no one has yet to see in ark! Get ready and i hope you are all amazed with the content that will be released in march and following. Please make sure you follow my twitter ( ) as well as my discord ( ) to stay up-to-date with all the latest updates and new additions to the Ark Steampunk Mod.

I also would love to thank all my fans and everyone that has helped either in trouble shooting or suggestion new thing to the mod, Thank you and i hope you all join me on this journey in making the Ark Steampunk Mod great!


Ark Steampunk Mod Description

Dr. Oswald had a vision, an idea to show the people of the island that anything is possible if given enough effort and time. This mod contains every single blueprint that Dr. Oswald has ever put to paper. During his final hours Oswald requested all of his schematics taken, copied, and distributed to anyone who desired to follow in his footsteps. Whether to follow his plans by building beautiful copper structures for all to enjoy, or to build wondrous contraptions that will leave you mystified as to how they work.

Oswald’s Schematics contain the following works:


7 different copper wall pieces
3 different copper foundations (one of which lights up)
3 different ceiling parts
6 different sets of lights
Various other Building parts(Stairs included)
2 Beautiful canopies

A Gazebo(in case someone wants to get married)
Automatic doors and dinos gates

Behemoth Gate and walls(oh my)

A fancy Bed
Dr. Oswald’s Statue (of course)


A copper generator and fridge(Icebox) which are fueled by water(Steam)

A Metal Blast Forge, Copper Forge and Smoker, which are fueled by coal

A Copper Grinder and Hot Air Balloon which are powered by gasoline
Automatic Drills fueled by gunpowder(Don’t forget the bits!)

Dr. Oswald’s famous Teleporter



One of Oswald’s Armor sets, each piece having a different buff


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